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Mission Statement

To empower individuals to attain their maximum physical and emotional well being and to guide them on a healing journey through body, mind and spirit.

Inherent in every living being is a healing power that works towards self-repair, self-organization and self-actualization. Quantum energy medicine optimizes this innate healing response using customized medical interventions and emotional healing techniques.

Internal Mission Statement

What is Quantum Energy Medicine?

To diagnose a patient is to identify not just the constellation of symptoms but to ascertain the cause of the person’s symptoms. Once the cause is identified the treatment regime is likely to become clear. The only purpose of diagnosis is effective treatment and prevention. Effective treatment leads to restoring quality of life and a healthier way of being.

Central Concepts of Quantum Energy Medicine

  • Treat the person and not the disease
  • All the body’s functions depend on one another.
  • The whole is only as strong as the weakest link
  • Health is physical, emotional, mental and psychological
  • Health and disease are functionally related
  • Prevention is always better than cure

Quantum Medical Approach

  • Physiologic Biochemistry
  • Immune System dysfunction
  • Immunization recovery
  • Nutritional Support
  • Environmental and Metal Toxicity
  • Laboratory Analysis

Collaborative Team Processes

  • Medical Advocacy
  • Nutritional Advocacy
  • Medical Strategist
  • Caring and Nurturing Environment
  • Empowerment
  • Educational Focus
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